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Real Solutions

Since 1997 we have been helping pets with problems such as separation anxiety, travel anxiety, whining and barking, shaking, fear of loud noises, sleeping, aggressive walking, scratching, clawing, chewing and excessive panting.


Heartbeat Technology

New real-feel pulsing heartbeat technology has a dramatic calming effect on pets. Pack animals like dogs and cats instinctively calm down when in the presence of another beating heart. This is a vet recommended alternative to medicine.


Snuggle Puppy

Our flagship product incorporates the real-feel pulsing heartbeat technology and 2 different types of warmth to help soothe your pet.

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4-in-1 Harness

This harness incorporates the heartbeat technology adjacent to the dogs chest. Useful for dogs that have trouble walking calmly. The harness is also perfect for use in the car to prevent driver distraction.

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